Biden Administration Uses January 6 To Demand Federal Takeover Of Elections


In speeches commemorating the 1st anniversary of the January 6, protests, President Joe Biden & Vice President Kamala Harris asked the Senate to pass legislation to federalize the American election. Both Biden and Harris used this occasion to warn of the dangers facing American democracy.

Vice President referred to the numerous Democrat-led bills, which would federalize local elections and repeal existing election security laws. Harris stated, “Here in this building, a decision will take place about whether or not we uphold the vote and ensure fair elections.” Let’s be very clear. We must pass the voting rights legislation that is currently before the Senate.

Vice President said that violent protests at the 2020 election on Capitol Hill were evidence of how fragile American democracy was.

“The fragility and weakness of democracy are that if it’s not upheld, defended, and vigilant enough, democracy will crumble.” She said that it would fail and falter. She stated that January 6 protesters had attempted to overthrow democracy through protesting the 2020 elections.

Biden was less direct in his views on election legislation but condemned Republican attempts to secure future elections. He stated that the former president and his supporters had decided that suppressing your vote and subverting our elections was the only way to win. It is wrong. It’s undemocratic. It’s also un-American.
Biden presented himself to be the defender of democracy against Trump’s “mob”.

He said, “I will stand in the breach, I’ll defend this nation, and I won’t allow anyone to put a knife at the throat of democracy.” “We will ensure that the will of the people is heard and that violence does not prevail.