Caitlyn Jenner Says NCAA Transgender Participation Policy A Symptom Of A Woke World Gone Wild


Caitlyn Jenner (Olympic gold medalist) recently condemned the NCAA’s decision to allow biological men to compete in women’s sports. Transgender athletes can participate in sports on an individual basis. This policy is similar to the one adopted by the U.S. Olympic Committees.

Thomas was a Penn man for two years. Thomas switched to Quakers in 2019 and began this season as a Quaker woman’s team member.

Jenner said that she declined an invitation to play at an all-women tournament of golf due to her biological advantage, especially when it comes to “body structure, length, size of arms, size feet and size of hands”. ” She claimed that she has been through everything and no longer has testosterone in her body.

She is a retired decathlete and has expressed her support for Chelsea Mitchell (a Connecticut high school track star) who said that she was often a disadvantage when competing with transgender athletes.

Jenner asked the NCAA to reconsider its policy and make the right decision for women’s sports.