Joe Biden Approval Hits Two Record Lows After Disastrous Press Conference


President Joe Biden’s most recent press conference shows why he is at two record lows. Biden’s approval rating dropped to 40.5 percent for the first time since his disastrous presidency. Biden’s disapproval rating of his presidency has reached an all-time high 55.3 percent for the first time since his failure.

His Fraudulency is now upside down by 14.8 points

We will learn more about the polling results after the weekend but it is not surprising to see numbers moving in this direction immediately after Wednesday’s chaotic White House press conference.

It was beyond terrifying to witness the US President essentially giving Russia permission to invade Ukraine. This has never happened before in our country’s history.

The White House attempted to clean up the mess the next day but it was too late. Vladimir Putin must have been thrilled. The White House tried to make a fool out of itself by claiming that Biden did not say what we heard.

Biden then decided, at the same press conference to contest the 2022 midterm election as illegitimate despite those elections still being ten months away!

Biden was asked by a reporter at the White House if he believes the forthcoming elections will be fair and legitimate.

“It all depends upon whether or not it’s possible to make the case that some of these are being set up in an effort to alter the outcome,” Biden responded.

Again, this is the first time anyone has seen anything like it. The White House tried to clean up the mess the next day by making the public believe their ears were being lied to. Biden had clearly stated what he meant.

These aren’t minor errors. Russia’s move into Ukraine has endless geopolitical implications. The corporate media are outraged at Biden’s claims of vote fraud by former President Trump. This is a huge mess made by a failed president, who only makes it worse each time he speaks.

The press conference was meant to be a reset, a game-changer that would stop his approval numbers from plummeting. Biden, as is his usual behavior, only made matters worse. It gets worse.