OSHA Formally Withdraws Biden Vaccine Mandate


On Tuesday, OSHA announced that President Joe Biden’s mandate for coronavirus vaccinations has been withdrawn. This would have had a significant impact on approximately 84 million workers in the country.

OSHA, in a statement dated January 25, announced that it had withdrawn the temporary vaccination and testing standard. It was issued on November 5, 2021. OSHA stated that the mandate was meant to protect unvaccinated employees at large employers employing 100 or more people from coronavirus exposure in the workplace.

OSHA announced that the withdrawal was effective January 26, 2022, but clarified that it is not withdrawing ETS as a proposed rule.

OSHA has withdrawn the vaccine and testing ETS from enforcement as an emergency standard. However, OSHA does not intend to withdraw the ETS proposal rule. The agency has prioritized its resources to finalize a permanent COVID-19 healthcare standard,” it stated, adding that workers are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against the ongoing dangers of COVID-19 at work.

In September’s divisive speech on the Chinese coronavirus, President Joe Biden first proposed the rule. He criticized unvaccinated Americans and warned that patience is “wearing thin.”

“We have been patient but our patience is wearing thin. Your refusal has cost us all. “So, please do the right thing,” Biden stated in an inflammatory speech. He was trying to force unvaccinated Americans to follow his dictates.

“But don’t take this from me. Listen to the voices of unvaccinated Americans lying in hospitals, taking their last breaths and saying, ‘If I had been vaccinated. He said “If only,” and urged that the rule be applied to “protect vaccinated employees from unvaccinated colleagues.”

Employers with more than 100 employees would be required to comply with the mandate for vaccines or test requirements. OSHA’s rule would mean that the employee who has not been vaccinated will bear the cost of testing. This is essentially a tax on work. It would have had an impact on approximately 84 million people across the country.

The Supreme Court blocked the mandate this month in a 6-3 decision. Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Brett Kavanaugh sided alongside the liberal justices to keep the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services mandate on healthcare workers. However, the Court explicitly acknowledged that the CMS mandate still exempts workers who object for religious or medical reasons.

Biden’s OSHA mandate was rejected by the Supreme Court a year after Biden (then-president-elect) said he wouldn’t require mandatory coronavirus vaccinations.

“No. It shouldn’t be compulsory. Biden stated that he wouldn’t insist on it being mandatory. “But I would still do my best — I don’t believe that masks should be mandatory across the country.

Biden has flipped-flopped on both these positions. Masks are still required for planes, and the country is far beyond his original pitch of “just 100 days” of masking.