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Biden’s Commerce Chief Fights DHS Mayorkas To Get Jobs For Americans

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Alejandro Mayorkas (the Department of Homeland Security chief) and Gina Raimondo (the commerce secretary) are engaged in a semi-public dispute over foreign workers being used by investors to fill American jobs.

Mayorkas supports business demands for more H-1B visa workers to work as contract workers. Raimondo, however, is trying to get Americans into high-tech jobs.

Raimondo published a “Strategic Plan To Boost America’s Competitiveness” that stated, “With this plan we are positioning America’s workers and businesses to succeed in the 21st Century.” All Americans, including those who have been historically excluded from the benefits of our success, will benefit.”

Raimondo’s plan doesn’t mention immigration, visa workers or the Mayorkas-backed H-1B program, which has placed more than three million international graduates in the career-starting jobs that Americans need since 1990. Raimondo’s report states:

The economic recovery could be slowed by a shortage of workers. These shortages show the importance of employers offering quality jobs and American workers having the skills and capabilities to fill these jobs. The Department will increase employer-driven education, training and services with targeted wraparound services. These services are designed to help workers prepare for and connect to high quality jobs. The Department will promote earn-while you-learn programs to support business growth and provide pathways for workers who are not currently in the labor force. To ensure that businesses are able to recruit, develop and retain skilled and diverse workers, the Department of Commerce will encourage innovative employment practices.

Mayorkas, on the other hand, is using his regulatory powers and bureaucratic abilities to increase the flow of visa workers into American jobs.

Mayorkas also takes a strong stance for business demands for more foreign workers. Mayorkas shared a tweet on March 25 about his meeting with Pat Gelsinger (Intel’s CEO), who is pushing hard for legislation to spend at least $52B to help Intel and other companies create new “fabs,” factories that produce computer chips.

This provision would provide a strong economic incentive for U.S. Universities to sell green-card PhDs directly to foreign customers. It also provides a great incentive for foreigners looking to purchase U.S. jobs, green card holders, and citizenship through a third rate degree from a third rate university.

Intel supported the House bill. Mayorkas, on March 25, endorsed Intel and the House bill. Mayorkas tweeted, “Its leadership in so many areas from quantum computing and immigration are building a better, safer future for all of us.”

Raimondo, however, voted against the House immigration language. She rejected Eric Schmidt’s demand for more visa workers in order to fill the positions created by the spending bill at a press conference on March 22.

Schmidt, an investor and former Google CEO, said that “Talent is everything.”

This [funding] bill must be passed. We collectively need to find a way for all the really, really intelligent people in this region to work together on this. This also includes high-skill immigration to allow people to come to the United States and work in these factories — the citizens of those states will benefit greatly from this.

Raimondo, diplomatically, rejected the request: “These are jobs. These are good jobs. And these are jobs Americans should get,” Raimondo stated.

Raimondo could win the fight. The Senate voted on March 28 to send its technology bill without the House’s migration language to the House.

Schmidt, who has a net worth estimated at $30 billion, is one of the most prominent players in the investor-funded West Coast faction within the White House. He also works alongside Mayorkas, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Mayorkas. On March 28, for example, Politico reported:

Eric Schmidt, the multibillionaire former CEO of Google has a foundation that has played a remarkable, though private role in the shaping of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy for the past year.

According to interviews with former and current staff members, and internal emails obtained from POLITICO, more than a dozen of the 140-person White House Office officials were Schmidt’s associates.

Schmidt worked with President Barack Obama’s commission to solicit more “top-tier” contract workers. However, most visa workers are only mid-skilled and many require training from Americans who have been pushed out of their jobs.

The watches give Raimondo (the U.S. Commerce Secretary) a sense of purpose as President Joe Biden’s de facto technology minister. This responsibility is focused on creating the cutting-edge factory jobs now available abroad.

Raimondo stated that her watch selections were a tribute to her father in an interview. “It’s also a reminder to myself that we must do more to create good manufacturing jobs in America.”

Raimondo was sixth grade when Bulova’s investors discarded her father.

According to Ron Klain, White House chief of staff, she “knows the pain that a job loss can cause a family and has never forgotten her roots and the real effects economic and trade policy have on real people.”

Raimondo, a former governor in Rhode Island, was considered by Biden as a vice-presidential candidate in 2020.

Mayorkas is a promigration zealot. He is using his power to increase the flow of blue-collar migrants over the southern border as well as the inflow foreign graduates into Fortune 500 positions.

“Practically speaking, USCIS will do more rubberstamp approvals for more well-heeled companies that are willing to spend extra so they can bring in as many foreign workers as possible,” said Dan Stein, president, Federation for American Immigration Reform. He said:

Yesterday, the Biden administration published a FY 2023 budget which will speed up the admission and processing of illegal aliens trying to enter the country. They are now taking steps to speed up the admission of foreign workers looking to fill high-paying American jobs as well as extend their work authorization in the United States. The current administration’s immigration policy amounts to greasing both the turnstiles at the border to allow illegal aliens to flood in, and the turnstiles at USCIS headquarters to cater to the growing corporate demand for foreign workers.

Mayorkas’s agency will also be granting 85,000 additional H-1B work permits this week to employers.

Mayorkas introduced a proposal in 2011 that would have allowed foreign investors, such as Schmidt, to obtain work permits for foreign workers. The House bill includes a similar provision called “W Visa”.

This inflow has driven many U.S. technology professionals from well-paying jobs. The Census Bureau published a 2021 study:

This massive displacement extends far beyond Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 jobs. Hospital chains, for example, have used visa workers and immigration rules in order to push at least 1,000,000 Americans out of skilled nursing jobs and other healthcare technicians. The massive inflow of low-wage migrants has pushed nearly 20 million men of working age out of the workforce.

Because of the flood of workers, salaries are reduced and this is a great opportunity for investors and CEOs. A job site for tech workers reported in January 2022 that salaries had increased by 6.9% during 2021, but did not account for inflation and rising home values. This means that in a boom year when employers’ stock prices rose by around 40 percent, tech workers’ salaries rose by about 2 percent.

Investors and employers also desire visa workers, as they do not have workplace rights and cannot disagree with managers. Even legal immigrants with full rights are less likely to challenge their employers than American professionals.

However, the CEOs can increase their share prices through the reduction of tension between executives and professionals. This is despite the fact that they are sacrificing long-term priorities such as quality, productivity, safety, and security.

Intel Corp. has employed thousands of Indian contract workers to fill the jobs in tech that are being sought by American professionals.

Breitbart News was told by a former employee of Intel that “I was raised that if you locate a [technical issue] issue, please raise it immediately.” He said that the rules in an Indian office are different.

Don’t tell your colleagues if you discover a bug. Notify your Indian boss because they want to ensure it is not their problem. Do not go through the usual process.

Despite growing concerns about quality and research, Intel’s stock price has remained flat for five consecutive years. However, other chipmakers are gaining value.

The Intel board, which also includes immigrants and investors, hired Gelsinger in January.

Intel announced on March 17 that it would spend $10 million per year to train Ohioans in jobs related to its $20 billion Ohio chip factory.

The D.C. establishment has used many excuses and explanations since at least 1990 to justify its policy of obtaining tens of million of migrants and visa workers out of poor countries to work, consume, and rent for various U.S. CEOs and investors.

Extraction migration is a self-serving economic strategy that has no end. It’s harmful for ordinary Americans as it reduces their career opportunities, lowers their wages and housing costs, and has pushed at least 10,000,000 American men out the labor force.

The American economy suffers from the effects of extraction migration. It reduces productivity and their political influence.

Because it allows the wealthy to ignore the poor and disillusioned Americans at bottom of society, an economy built on extract migration can also radicalize America’s democratic, compromise-promoting civic culture.

This economic strategy also kills many immigrants, separates foreign families, extracts wealth from poor countries, and leaves many people homeless.

According to multiple polls, wealth-shifting extractive migration policies are not popular. According to polls, there is widespread opposition to labor migration and the inflows of temporary workers into jobs that are sought after by U.S. college graduates.

Opposition is growing. It is anti-establishment and multiracial, transsex, nonracist, non-racist.

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