Elon Musk Triggers Liberals With Tweet On Biden’s Mistake


    The controversy over Elon Musk’s tweet about President Joe Biden’s election and how he is governing caused by his tweet caused a lot of uproar among leftists on Twitter this week. The world’s wealthiest man gave his opinion on the boring presidential campaign of the current commander in chief, criticizing Biden’s administration for acting like they have a mandate to transform the country.

    Musk tweeted on Thursday evening, “Biden’s mistake” that he believes he was elected to transform America. But in reality, everyone wanted less drama.

    The post had nearly 900,000. Likes as of Friday afternoon. Musk’s observation was not appreciated by liberals on Twitter.

    “Joe Biden’s Center-Right platforms might seem very left wing a billionaire fascist,” commented Walter Masterson, a comedian who seems to have been under the impression that Joe Biden has governed moderately.

    Kara Swisher, New York Times opinion writer, mocked Musk by tweeting: “Elon’s mistake it that he thinks that he is The Chosen One* for Transforming the Twitter. But in reality, everyone just wanted more drama.”

    “Gee, thanks for telling us what everyone wants. . . But you don’t have any other things to do? journalist Brian Karem asked. He continued his tweet with, “I mean, if you have time and all the money, why not feed the poor, pay off college loan debt, or invest in education, or something else?”

    John Pavlovitz, author wrote that “Elon’s mistake was thinking that all that wealth makes him interesting or intelligent.”

    Musk was inspired by The Mandalorian actor Carl Weathers’ Predator and Mandalorian prequels. He tweeted, “@elonmusk”: “@elonmusk One, I not only want more drama, but also more compassion. #BePeace.”

    John Iadarola, co-host of The Young Turks, wrote that it was like Elon was unconscious throughout the entire election.

    Former Governor Former Gov. Keep your eyes on the cars that are being subventioned by the governments you criticize.

    Melissa Byrne, student debt activist, tweeted: “What Elon means? That he misses Apartheid times in South Africa and wishes people would know their place and to stop complaining.”