Liberals Wail After Musk Says He Would Reinstate Trump On Twitter


Twitter was stunned to learn that Elon Musk would restore Trump’s account. This shock wave was felt especially in the leftist section of social media.

Keith Olbermann, Dean Obeidallah and other leftists violently reacted to the suggestion that the belligerent 45th President could be allowed to come back on Twitter.

Elon Musk is the potential owner and operator of Twitter. He stated Tuesday that Twitter had incorrectly banned Donald Trump. Once he takes over the company, he will reverse the ban.

During the “Future of the Car Conference”, Tesla CEO John Tesla stated that permanent bans shouldn’t be common and should only be applied to accounts that are bots, scam, or spam accounts. It was not right to ban Donald Trump. ”

He stated that the ban was a mistake as it alienated large portions of the country and didn’t eventually lead to Donald Trump losing power.

Musk claimed that he would reverse a permanent ban. What happens if I don’t have Twitter?

Trump’s decision not to return to Twitter is still in doubt. Trump told Fox News that he will not be posting to Twitter.

Liberals were shocked to learn that Trump could own Twitter one day and restore Trump’s account.

Dean Obeidallah (a MSNBC contributor) sent multiple tweets. In the first, he wrote, “Breaking”: Elon Musk says he would reverse Twitter’s ‘Morally wrong’ ban of Donald Trump. Also, South African Musk was fine with terrorist attacks against the US Capitol in order to overturn American election results.

In another, he wrote that Elon Musk would allow Donald Trump return to Twitter. This is despite the fact that Trump used Twitter to plan his terrorist attack of Jan 6.