Republicans Demand Biden Admin Address Baby Formula Shortage


House Republicans call for quick action by the Biden administration in order to solve the national shortage of baby formula. Elise Stefanik joined more than a dozen other House GOP conference chairs outside the Capitol Thursday to take aim at President Biden and Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They refuse to provide formula for mothers across the country, as they do not want it.

“Today, House Republicans will push for action by the FDA and Biden administrations who should have had an immediate plan for this shortage months back,” she said. “But instead, Biden continues to pass the buck. … This country is not Third World. This should not happen in the United States of America. We are united in demanding that this crisis be addressed.

Rep. Ann Wagner (R-Mo.) echoed Stefanik’s comments and said that “This is sadly Joe Biden’s America.”

Wagner stated that working families already struggle to provide food for their children due to skyrocketing prices of everyday items. Wagner added that they now face a crisis that could endanger the lives of their infants. “This shortage of baby formula is affecting mothers across the country, but particularly in my home state Missouri.”

Wagner stated that Missouri’s formula shortage is causing heat among her constituents and that Missouri is one of six states that have their baby formula out of stock.

She said that retailers and businesses are restricting the supply of formula, thereby limiting the number of products a customer can purchase. “As a proud grandmother of two, and a sweet baby on the horizon, it is frightening to imagine the despair parents feel when they are unable to provide basic necessities for their children.”

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (Republican from Washington) was also present at the press conference. She stated that she has been hearing from mothers and support groups in Washington about this crisis.

She said that families are turning to the Internet because they are desperate. It is very dangerous to think about moms who go to the grocery store only to find empty shelves. They may drive for hours to find the baby formula they need.

She said, “We shouldn’t be rationing for formulas to keep our babies fed,” Some families depend on a specific formula. One mom with a baby with severe allergies spoke to me. It’s very difficult. As she walks to the grocery store, she feels like she is playing Russian roulette. The FDA and President Biden must do more. It is a matter for life and death.

Patrick McHenry (Republican from North Carolina), the father of three young kids, acknowledged the fact that parents are “struggling in America” while they search formula for their children.

He said that the Biden administration had made family life more difficult. You see rising prices on every product, but you also see the shortage of essential items you need to live a happy family life. We now see that baby formula is not available and ask why. This isn’t a supply chain problem. This is a crisis that families must face in order to feed their children.

As a result of widespread shortages caused by supply disruptions, and an extensive safety recall by Abbott, parents across the country have become panicked and desperate. Datasembly tracks product data for retailers and shows that the national out-of-stock rate for baby formula increased to 43% in the first week. This is an increase of 30% from the beginning of April.

Both the FDA and the White House said that they are working together to solve the shortages.

Karine Jean-Pierre (White House principal deputy press secretary), stated Wednesday that “Ensuring infant formula is safe for all families across the nation is a top priority for the White House”

She stated that April formula sales were up by 10 percent compared to March. Consumers should be able find general powdered infant formulation in stores, as the FDA works with the industry to maximize production and improve supply lines.

The FDA released Tuesday’s update about its plan to address baby formula shortages. Fox News Digital was informed by the FDA that it is using all its tools to ensure safe products are available. Abbott is being closely partnered by the agency to ensure safe production at Sturgis.

According to a White House official President Biden is scheduled to speak virtually with infant formula manufacturers and retailers Thursday evening.