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Joe Biden’s DOJ Continues Allowing Illegal Protests At Houses Of Supreme Court Justices

Friday's Department of Justice continued to ignore a federal statute that prohibits protests from being held outside of the homes of judges. 18 U.S. Code SS 1507 makes it illegal to try to influence a judge's decision or interfere with their discharge of duty by...

Critical Race Theory: Where Did It Come From & How Did It Get To My Classroom?

Critical Race Theory ("CRT '') has attracted attention from minority academics and the public education system over the past few years. As the movement gains strength, it is urgent to conduct a systematic and thorough review of all the material. What is CRT? And...

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According to a McLaughlin & Associates poll, former President Donald Trump is leading President...

Biden Signs Gun Control Bill In Wake Of Deadly Mass Shootings

After it passed through Congress in extraordinary haste, President Biden signed the most important...