Newsom’s Win Puts Him Against VP Harris For A 2024 Run


After Gov. Gavin Newsom won his recall election, many Democrats started to suggest that he may find himself colliding with Vice President Kamala Harris on a path to the White House. Some have said that Newsom’s campaign against the recall could pose a challenge against Harris advisors, especially since there have been rumors of “backroom negotiations” regarding Sen. Barbara Boxer’s seat going to Harris.

Harris’s former aide Gil Duran explained that this could all lead to a narrative of Newsom building a presidential campaign against Kamala. He said you get to a crossroads where it’s Kamala and Newsom and have to decide which client to go with.

Bearstar Strategies, a political campaign firm known for securing victories, was in attendance for Harris’s San Leandro rally with Newsom. The vice president took pictures with former staffers away from the press, but was not welcomed to communicate to talk with the vice president “in any meaningful way.” Photos showed Harris chatting and smiling but most said it was all “for Instagram” and not a depiction of the relationship.

California Democrats have pointed out that it will be “fascinating” to see if Kamala can put together a campaign to succeed Biden on a leading ticket. Her first presidential run burned out very quickly and it is something that would seem hard to recover from.

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Many reporters, including Fox News William La Jeunesse, have even called out VP Harris for taking the 13-hour flight, flying 5000 miles, and generating 250,000 pounds of carbon dioxide for a 12-minute campaign speech. Democrats are always talking about climate change and how everyone else can conserve the planet while jumping on every flight for their political party.

The ratings for VP Harris have been extremely unfavorable and falling low. In one of the latest polls taken by McLaughlin & Associates, voters have had a 50% unfavorable opinion of Harris.

The polls also noted that President Joe Biden’s verbal stumbles and his team’s move to cut the TV feeds already have voters focused on Vice President Kamala Harris replacing him as president before the 2024 presidential election. The polling found that 58% of voters believe Biden will be sidelined or that Harris will be installed into the Oval Office before the election is over.

The poll notes that the voters clearly don’t approve of Harris as president and that she has done nothing positive. There have been stories of her staffers fighting and Harris creating a toxic work environment for all.

Newsom, who endorsed Harris early in her 2020 presidential bid, has given progressive criticism following her comments on the border crisis. He said that California has an “enlightened” and “more inclusive approach” to immigration despite Harris’s remarks for people to not make the dangerous trek to the United States-Mexico border.

Gov. Newsom reiterates that he is working closely with the Biden Administration on handling the surge and that he believes it is the right for people to seek asylum in a safe way. Left-leaning Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez delivered the same remarks of criticism against VP Harris. She has not only been receiving criticism from Republicans but Democrats as well.

While many California residents were looking to get rid of Newsom, it might have put his name on a presidential ticket. Republican support has gone towards former president Donald Trump for a 2024 presidential run, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis running closely behind. It’ll be a close watch when it comes to the Democrats leading candidates, but we all know that Biden won’t be on the trail.