Joe Biden Clings To Dr. Anthony Fauci On Omicron Variant Despite Growing Controversy


Despite growing criticism over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, President Joe Biden still holds Dr. Anthony Fauci highly in his heart. Fauci was the only federal official to meet with Biden and his coronavirus staff over the weekend to discuss the Omicron variant.

During his speech, the president stated that Fauci believed existing coronavirus vaccines and booster shots could provide some protection. Biden stated that he wants to repeat Dr. Fauci in his belief that the current vaccines provide at minimum some protection against this new variant.

Biden was forced to step aside at one point to allow Fauci to speak on behalf of the president. Harris sat next to Biden, but they did not speak. Fauci continues to panic over the dangers that the Omicron virus poses for the United States since its emergence.

Fauci dismissed reports that Omicron wasn’t as dangerous as initially thought and said it would take scientists 2-4 weeks to have sufficient information. He told reporters that the results were pending based on the effect on transmission, severity, and how well current vaccinations treatment work. It all remains speculative.

Jen Psaki, White House press secretary, stated that Fauci would lead the response efforts and that Biden would be relying on his guidance. Fauci sparked panic and alarm in response to the new strain of the virus, but it is not yet clear how dangerous it will prove to be for the U.S.

Fauci was adamant about critics and claimed it was dangerous to question him because he represents science. He also attacked Florida states for opposing vaccine and mask mandates despite the fact that vaccination rates are high in Florida and coronavirus incidences continue to decline.

He also attempted to reinstate the credibility of China’s wet market theory to explain how the virus originated, rather than a laboratory leak.