Biden’s Green Light To Putin On Ukraine Will Have Ripple Effect Throughout The World


According to one national security expert, President Biden gave Russian President Vladimir Putin the “green light” for Ukraine. The U.K.’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office stated on Saturday that it had information that suggested that Russia is planning to install a proKremlin leader at Kyiv amid increasing tensions between Russia & Ukraine.

A spokesperson for the British agency stated that they have information suggesting that the Russian Government wants to install a pro-Russian leader in Kyiv while it examines whether to invade or occupy Ukraine.

“When President Biden gave him a greater signal and green light last week, well, I believe Vladimir Putin can do anything right now. He could invade. McFarland stated that he could wage a hybrid war but that he would achieve his goal one way or another, whether it is today or in the next year.”

McFarland stated that the United States is moving to evacuate the families of its embassy personnel in Ukraine as a sign that things are “going to get really bad” and that they don’t want Americans near that point.

According to the national security expert, the chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan “contributed to” the current conflict between Russia and Ukraine because it created the impression that other countries see the United States as “chaotic” or “won’t stand up against its enemies.”

“Whatever happened to Afghanistan had a ripple effect on Ukraine. What happens with Ukraine will have ripple effects with China and Iran. Because all these countries believe they will seize the moment, it’s likely to cause ripple effects with North Korea. They will think that this is their time. McFarland stated that America is weak and disorganized.

These comments were made at the same time as Fox News confirmed that China had flown fighter planes near Taiwan in the most powerful show of force in months.

She stated that when Afghanistan withdrawal is viewed in the future, it will be regarded as “the tipping points where our allies could not trust us”.

“Our adversaries believed they were in control. That’s why you see President Putin. It’s partly because energy is a concern, and partly because the US perceives him as a weak president. He’s also rich because of his high oil price, which has helped to make him wealthy again. McFarland stated that all of these factors have given Vladimir Putin permission to say “This is my time.”

Fox News Sunday’s former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo stated that Russia doesn’t see any credibility in President Biden.

“When Russian cyberattacks were made against the Colonial Pipeline, they told us that you could only attack certain sectors and that 16 are off-limits. We left Afghanistan as we did. These were the areas where the administration could establish deterrence. Pompeo stated that Putin had seen this. “I believe they don’t consider President Biden credible.”