General Electric Halts Vaccine Mandate After Supreme Court Ruling


Due to the Supreme Court’s ruling, the General Electric Company has decided to suspend the enforcement of the Biden administration’s vaccine-or test requirement for large employers.

“The Boston-based manufacturer of wind turbines, jet engines, and medical scanners confirmed Friday its decision via email. Bloomberg reported that GE was the first major company to halt its policy following the Supreme Court’s blockade of President Joe Biden’s push to increase Covid-19 vaccinations. Workers can still opt-out if they have a religious objection to the mandate or medical concern.

“OSHA has never before imposed such an obligation.” The court’s opinion in NFIB against OSHA began. “Indeed. Although Congress has passed significant legislation to address the COVID-19 pandemic it has not adopted any measure comparable to that which OSHA has proposed here.

“Administrative agencies exist under the statute. Accordingly, they have only the authority Congress has given them. According to the opinion, the Secretary ordered that 84 million Americans receive a COVID-19 vaccination or undergo weekly medical testing at no cost. This is not an everyday exercise of federal power. Instead, it is a significant intrusion into the health and lives of a large number of employees. When authorizing an agency to exercise vast economic and political power, we expect Congress to be clear.

Despite Americans being required to get one of the three approved vaccines against the coronavirus, data shows that thousands of illegal aliens refuse the shot.

Breitbart News reported that “While Biden, elected Democrats, have continued to impose vaccination mandates on American citizens,” they routinely exempt illegal aliens from such requirements.

Biden had announced that cross-border truckers would need to be vaccinated in November to continue working. However, the outlet pointed out that the order did not exempt border crossers or illegal aliens.

NFIB v. OSHA (No. 21A244 at the Supreme Court of the United States and Biden V. Missouri, No. 21A240 at the Supreme Court of the United States.