Scalise, Comer Call For Hearing On Biden’s Failed COVID-19 Response


GOP Steve Scalise and James Comer recently called for a joint hearing to examine President Biden’s failed COVID-19 pandemic response. The GOP member sent the letter to Jim Clyburn and Carolyn Maloney, requesting a joint hearing to “conduct legitimate oversight over the Biden Administration.”

Scalise and Comer noted that Clyburn had committed to a hearing into “totality” of the current administration’s response and called Biden’s first full year of office “a series of broken promises.”

The Republicans claimed that he promised to “shut down” the virus in a letter obtained exclusively by Fox News. “He said that he would make it easier for people to get tested …’ by next Christmas [2021 ]

The letter stated that he promised not to ‘demand that [the vaccination] be mandatory’.” He also promised that he would not ‘demand that [the vaccine] be mandatory.'” The letter continued.

Conservative lawmakers stated that the subcommittee was formed “under the auspices of ensuring the efficiency, effectiveness, and equity of the COVID-19 Response”, before noting that the “unscientific and unsuccessful response of the Biden Administration” has been protected from legitimate oversight.

They wrote that “Democrats’ inability to exercise real oversight over the woefully inadequate response of the Biden Administration to the ongoing pandemic” was unambiguously a dereliction of duty.

The three issues that “exemplify the failures in the Biden Administration” were examined by the lawmakers. These included the absence of COVID testing at home, the “abandonment” of President Obama’s national pandemic response, and “politicizing vaccines and undermining science.”

The letter states that “Overall, it is a bad decision by the Biden Administration to mandate vaccines above all else.” “They haven’t paid enough attention to testing, and have downplayed natural immune system and other therapies.”

“Their continued focus and reliance upon vaccines undoubtedly laid a foundation for the Biden Administration’s constitutionally questionable mandates regarding vaccines that are leading to the firing of millions of hard-working medical professionals and key supply chain workers. They chose to bully and shame hardworking Americans,” continued the letter, pointing out Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra had called the unvaccinated “flat earthers”.

The lawmakers demanded that a joint hearing be held regarding the oversight of the pandemic by the Biden administration. They also requested that a multitude of witnesses, including Becerra and White House COVID Response director Jeffrey Zientz and White House chief Medical Advisor Anthony Fauci, appear.

Fox News asked for comments on the letter from Maloney and Clyburn, but they did not immediately respond.