Former Arkansas governor and Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee lashed out against the left-leaning journalists and big tech companies in threatening to silence right-leaning voices in the aftermath of the Capitol riot.

Huckabee specifically pointed out former CBS news anchor Katie Couric who used the term “deprogram” when talking about Trump’s supporters on “Real Time with Bill Maher.” Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson also tagged the same term when talking about how to de-platform right-leaning voices and supporters of the President.

“There are some things that even a leftist ought to be able to look at and say, ‘You know what? President Trump has done some good things,’ but they can’t. And they’re the ones who are following the cult, the cult of the left, that thinks somehow that they’re always right, they’re never wrong, and the rest of us are crazy,” Huckabee told Fox & Friends.

Huckabee went on to assert that there is no “cult” of Trump supports, but rather people who appreciate the courageous actions President Trump made for our country. He listed off a handful of the President’s accomplishments during his four years in office including cutting taxes and deregulating businesses so that people had the highest number of jobs among Hispanics, Blacks, and women in the history of the country. He also talked about President Trump pushing back against China and Communist spies who continue to try and steal all of our information and data.

Huckabee has also used his platform on Fox News to talk about the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. He insists that if Democrats want to play this game, then everybody should have a turn. “If we’re going to impeach Donald Trump for what he said, then we’d better impeach Kamala Harris for saying the things she did last summer about the rioters and the looters,” Huckabee said.

He went on to talk about Vice President-elect Harris’ support for the Minnesota Freedom Fund, which was established last summer to get rioters and looters out of jail so that they could get back to the riots. The fund was used to pay for bail and also helped bail out other violent felons, including a man who was accused of raping an 8-year-old girl on a $75,000 bail.

Vice President-elect Harris is just one of the many Democrats claiming to condemn violence with a record that shows otherwise. The left wants to ignore the months of support they gave violent rioters last summer while trying to impeach the President on a single speech with no witnesses present nor hearings ahead of the 232-197 vote. Trump Derangement syndrome sees no end.