Fulton County Played A Dirty Political Trick To Change Thousands Of Trump Votes To Biden, Election Chief Shortly Resigns After


For quite some time now, former President Donald Trump and his campaign members have been attempting to investigate and discredit Fulton County and their 2020 presidential election results. Fulton County first drew attention in December after an inside source shared that election workers were told to “go home” on Election night so that a few handpicked workers could pull ballots out from under the tables and count the ones they wanted through the tabulation machines. They were counting ballots way past midnight and immediately became a target of suspicion.

Throughout the investigation and hundreds of pages of election documents, there were dozens of disputed ballots found. They were known as “adjudicators,” which means that a voter intended to vote for one candidate over the other. It seems like in all of the cases where the adjudication process was used, President Joe Biden was picked instead of Donald Trump. This is the one process where human judgment is substituted for machine scanning and it has no place in the elections.

There were thousands of ballots subject to this process and while many seemed obvious, others were uncertain. 5,000 out of the 148,000 absentee ballots cast needed some form of human intervention in Georgia. And while that might not be enough to flip the election, it certainly highlights a corrupt system with massive room for error. Between misjudgment, human errors, and political bias, it’s hard to trust the numbers you’re even looking at in Fulton County.

One Fulton County voter opted to vote for Biden and drew a big X above Trump’s name writing “NOT MY CHOICE.” Another scratched out Trump’s name completely. But in another situation, one voter heavily scribbled the bubble next to Trump’s name and then put a small checkmark next to Biden’s. Another drew an X through Trump’s bubble and then an even smaller X through Biden’s. Both were counted as a Biden vote.

This goes against Georgia election laws, which consider a ballot “spoiled” if a voter has cast more than the permitted number of votes. The law states that a spoiled ballot shall not be reinstated and that any ballot deemed as being spoiled should not be used. While Georgia election officials were supposed to dump additional ballots that had Trump’s name as well as other candidates, they awarded the vote to Democrats instead.

The adjudication process is nothing but a political dirty trick to document the votes they want, instead of the votes they get. American voters have doubted the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential elections, with many more to follow.

Even Mark Davis, voting data analytics pro, said there have been nearly 35,000 Georgia voters who indicated that they moved from one county to another, but then voted in the county from which they moved. Under Georgia law, temporary relocations do not alter a person’s residency status. Davis went on to say that other members of the Secretary of State were also sharing residency issues with the voters before claiming that there “weren’t enough” to cast doubt regarding the election outcome.

Davis even claimed as an expert witness in court that Trump might have won a challenge to the Georgia elections if the court actually heard his case.

“It was disconcerting to see the media and the courts largely ignore serious issues like these, especially since the data I was seeing showed very legitimate issues,” Davis said.

Georgia Fulton County Election Chief Ralph Jones recently resigned after more than 12 years of service and was one of the county officials up counting ballots past midnight. Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger had been calling him, as well as the County’s elections director Rick Barron, to resign for quite some time now.

The media, the courts, and the Biden Administration have continued to downplay the issues of election fraud and sweep it under the rug. That’s because they were all involved in the “evidence of systemic irregularities” or “election discrepancies.” Whatever they want to call it at the time. It’s all word salad and it’s all election fraud.