It’s been nearly three weeks since Texas Democrats left their state and know they are losing their case by the day. Two Texas Democrats, Reps. Al Green and Ron Reynolds were recently arrested by Capitol Police after protesting against “voter suppression” outside of the Supreme Court.

The Reps were seen singing “We Shall Overcome” and appeared to protest the Senate to pass the “For the People Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.” They were arrested for crowding, obstructing, and creating an inconvenience in the area, with Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee becoming the third Democratic lawmaker to be arrested. It was reported that they were detained for disturbing the peace.

Just last month, Reps. Hank Johnson and Joyce Beatty joined others in getting arrested for blocking the Senate office building. The group of protesters had marched over to the Hart Senate Office Building and chanted “This is what democracy looks like.” Johnson tweeted later on that he was getting in “#GoodTrouble” and “#NecessaryTrouble,” both references to Congressman John Lewis who was arrested over 40 times during the Civil Rights movement. He even posted a video of himself in handcuffs.

Beatty was also taken into custody over “illegal demonstration activity” in front of the Senate building. She said in a statement that she stands in solidarity with Black women and allies across the country to defend their “constitutional right to vote” and that they’ve fought too hard to be silenced by the Republican Party.

While multiple members are being booked into a Washington D.C jail, at least two are reportedly traveling and enjoying a European vacation. Democratic Reps. Julie Johnson and Jessica Gonzalez are in Portugal and have not returned to Austin to finish the Texas Legislature Special session.

The allegation was first posed by Gov. Greg Abbott’s political consultant, Dave Carney, who asked if a European vacation is still considered “fleeing to fight against voter integrity.” He said he was asking for a friend. The tweet was later followed by Rep. Jared Patterson who noted that the alleged travelers had left DC and booked it to Portugal. Both offices have not responded to the media’s request for comment.

This would only be the latest scandal on the Dem’s DC trip since jetting off on a private plane, traveling with a case of Miller Lite ready to go, spreading COVID-19 throughout the White House, and pleading for care packages of soda and candy to accompany their trip. If that doesn’t make things embarrassing, Dem lawmakers have still been unable to secure a meeting with President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, or any top progressives in the House and Senate. They have also been unable to influence the U.S Senate to consider any of the voting acts.

Lawmakers who jetted off to D.C have not only failed the voices of those who elected them but have forced Gov. Greg Abbott to call numerous special sessions until the work is complete. Many Democrats have signaled that they don’t plan to return to D.C soon, with the House threatening to strip committee chairmanships from members and fine them for their absence. Gov. Abbott even said he would have Texas Democrats arrested until they come to the chambers and vote.

Nobody will meet with the Texas Dems because they know that there was never “voter suppression” in the bills to begin with. It’s just the phrase to use when the Dems don’t want to vote on something.