Fauci Does A 180 & Confirms NIH Grants, Says The Research Isn’t Related To The Virus


White House Chief medical Adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci has continued to defend the National Institute of Health funding research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, with his most recent attempts during an interview with CBS “The Takeout” podcast. Fauci pointed out the two grants from the National Institute of Health, adding that the only regret is the “degree of distraction” it is causing right now from combatting the pandemic.

Fauci went on to share with host Major Garrett that if you look at the publication that came from the research associated with the grants, then you can see that the viruses worked in that environment couldn’t possibly have molecularly evolved into what we know now as COIVD-19.

Fauci went on to claim that when you look at how you can go from one virus and do something to get it to be another, then the viruses that the grant allowed the investigators to work with were different than what came out to be as COVID-19. He said anyone who looks at the two viruses and knows anything about evolutionary virology can tell that they are “so far apart” and couldn’t possibly have emerged into that particular virus.

When asked if he regrets the grants, Fauci replies that it is only distracting him from addressing the outbreak, adding that they “quite successfully” developed life-saving vaccines that he and his team are proud of.

Fauci is only now admitting to the NIH grants after originally denying them when they were brought them up in Congress by Sen. Rand Paul. He didn’t want to be held accountable for the grants and does not want to alienate a source of so much potential revenue as China. He has continued to emphasize that there is “no evidence” to indicate COVID-19 originated from a lab or came from an infected lab worker. He said that you must leave “all possibilities open” to address with an open mind, but that there is still no evidence to indicate that a lab leak occurred.

“But if you look, historically, at how outbreaks have occurred: Ebola, swine flu, SARS-CoV-1, MERS, and those other outbreaks, the circumstances under which this occurred, namely, in a region of the world where we have that animal-human interface, that it is more likely, in my mind, and in the mind of most of the evolutionary virologists, that it is more likely a natural occurrence of a jumping of species in the environment, in the animal-human interface,” Fauci said.

But the private research group DRASTIC obtained newly leaked documents regarding claims about the gain-of-function research that was done inside the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The documents indicate a plan to create a coronavirus and then release it into bat caves where researchers would testing the flying mammals to see what the effect on them would be. Even Pentagon researchers turned down the direct funding to the project on account of “weapon of mass destruction concerns.”

Dr. David Asher, the ex-State Department official, shared how the documents are a “smoking gun” feature in explaining the peculiar virus sequence that has shut down the world.

“The most genetically unusual piece of the puzzle and the sequence is a ‘furin cleavage site’, which allows the virus to spread from bats to humans, and among humans in a highly pathogenic way. The fact that the Wuhan Institute – with EcoHealth Alliance as their US partner – was applying for funding to do gain of function research, explicitly to endow a bat-borne Coronavirus related to SARS with a furin cleavage site so it could essentially kill humans,” Asher said.

He went out to emphasize how Fauci, the guy directly tied to bat virus experiments in the lab, is the exact same guy telling the world that there is no possibility that the virus could’ve come from the Wuhan lab. He called it a “conflict of interest” and said it was just absurd. He also pointed out Dr. Peter Daszak’s role in the gain-of-function research, adding that the doctor even organized a letter to downplay the lab leak theory. He called out all of the lies put out by the Chinese, the NIH, and all of the others, adding that they’ve “been defeated” now that the truth is out. Many officials are calling a formal FBI investigation into the entire Wuhan lab situation, calling it a criminal cover-up and emphasizing how the U.S government should cut all ties to them.

The more documents that are leaked, the more you know that Dr. Fauci is a part of the pandemic, not the solution. He has been at the tip of the pandemic spear for months, saying whatever he needs to become the highest-paid government worker in the office and get Trump out of office. That’s always been the goal.