Over Two Dozen Governors Demand Biden’s Action At The Border


Over 26 governors are now demanding a meeting with President Joe Biden to get the border under control, adding that the administration has created an “international humanitarian crisis” that they are now trying to avoid. The letter was signed by governors, including Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, and Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. They have attempted to schedule a meeting at the White House to work on behalf of the U.S citizens and present an “open and constructive dialogue” regarding border enforcement.

The letter points out many problems at the border such as the amount of fentanyl being seized, which is more than the last three years combined. There have also been cartels and human traffickers making millions by smuggling people and drugs across the border, adding to one of the worst border crises in more than two decades. 

The governors write that they are doing what they can but that the Constitution requires that the president also executes the immigration laws passed by Congress. They accused the federal government of not only creating the crisis but leaving the states to deal with the mess. They called the immigration system “complicated and complex” but said that the answers to ending the border crisis were pretty simple and straightforward. They demanded that President Joe Biden takes the action to protect America, restore security, and end the crisis.

But at this point, it’s clear that the Biden Administration is not going to do anything but continue to hurt the country. The border states are left with no choice but to take legal action and control their own borders.

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Many have said that it’s already too late the border has reached a “boiling point” with Texas GOP Rep. August Pfluger releasing several photos of just how bad the border crisis has gotten. He shared several photos on Twitter of Del Rio, TX, an area where migrants were literally being pushed over the border.

Rep. Pfluger described most of the migrants as “military-aged males” between the ages of 18-35 and with a majority of them being Haitian. They came from 6-7 countries including Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, and more, adding that the administration is not on the scene taking the proper steps to deter the situation. He said the Del Rio officials are not equipped to handle the nearly 15,000 migrants pouring into the community and then asked what it would take to “wake up” the Administration to the realities of the crisis.

The Federal Aviation Administration even imposed a no-fly zone for drones and unmanned aircraft, which was a clear indicator as to just how bad the crisis has gotten. Some lawmakers are arguing that the ban may not even be legal. It would be convenient timing for Biden’s FAA to block drones from capturing footage near the border as tens of thousands of migrants flood into the US. Things have gotten so bad that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott even had to direct State Troopers and the National Guard to get things under control.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy requested that President Biden deploy National Guard to get the border under control, adding that they’ve had over 10,000 migrants recently surge the border in Del Rio. He says it is “no coincidence” that this is happening as Democrats are moving legislation to grant immediate citizenship. It is a wake-up call for Democrats to abandon the policies putting American lives at risk.

“The Biden Administration must recognize this for what it is: A National Security Crisis. As such he must fully deploy the National Guard to the southern border to help our Border Patrol agents with more resources to control the situation,” McCarthy requested.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz called it the “most horrific thing” he’s ever seen, adding that the Biden administration made the decision to cancel deportation flights. He said people surged out of nowhere when President Biden and VP Kamala Harris announced that they were no longer deporting people that came from Haiti.

Joe Biden has failed the oath he took as President and the border crisis has “government stifling” written all over it. Just another crisis brought by the Democrats. The American people, border communities, and agents all deserve better and now the administration has to play “catch up” to mitigate the situation.