DHS Mayorkas Tells Judge To Re-Cancel Remain In Mexico


The second attempt by President Joe Biden’s administration to end the Remain in Mexico policy is being made. It also removes the possibility for migrants to request judges to allow them to stay in the United States. Alejandro Mayorkas, the border chief, claimed in a 39-page document that the program should not continue since the U.S. is a nation of immigrants.

Mayorkas continues to state that the main problem with the program lies in the international barrier that separates migrants from their counsel and immigration courts. Mayorkas only spoke of the dangers and harms for migrants, but he did not mention the benefits that the program offers to Americans.

Mayorkas spoke out about the dangers involved in sending back migrants and said that many were killed or kidnapped when they returned to Mexico’s border towns. Democrats continue to encourage migrants to risk their lives and have relaxed U.S. asylum regulations. Biden’s border lottery has seen more illegal immigrants attempt to cross the border and are now suffering from their pain. They also offer jobs and U.S. residency.

Mayorkas continues to ignore the economic and legal rights of a secure border despite admitting that the migrant flow crashed after President Donald Trump’s deputy ran it. He believed that the program resulted in a decrease in migration flows, but the data is not sufficient to give an exact estimate.

Mayorkas has information about the number of immigrants it will allow to compete with Americans for apartments and jobs. They also have data on the approximately 400,000 job-seeking migrants that crossed the border.

Mayorkas acknowledges that RIM has accelerated the legal review of migrants’ claims for asylum. However, he downplays the benefits for Americans. Mayorkas argues that migrants must provide “fair and just results” for foreigners but that the benefits to migrants outweigh the costs. He said that MPP’s benefits outweighed its costs.
Mayorkas stated that the dignity of migrants was the highest duty of his agency. He also said that lawfully deported adults would be allowed to return to the United States to live with their children. Mayorkas claims that migrant-owned businesses are the backbone of our countries and communities.” He also declared America a nation of immigrants that has always been and will forever remain.

In December, Federal Judge Matt Kacsmaryk ordered Mayorkas to either restore the program or detain all immigrants until claims are resolved. Mayorkas replied that the program was optional and that he had the legal authority to release unlimited numbers of immigrants into the United States. Mayorkas stated that there is no limit to the number of parolees DHS can release and that each case will be considered.

Mayorkas suggested an alternative program that would allow many migrants to quickly claim asylum. This would include fast-track consideration and quick access to jobs, housing, schools, and other facilities. Mayorkas states that the Department is committed to migration through safe and ordered pathways. This includes reforming our asylum system in order to get more timely, fair, and efficient results. Mayorkas stated that the U.S. is working bilaterally as well as multilaterally to strengthen legal pathways and enforce border laws throughout the globe.

Mayorkas discusses opening a new route to citizenship at the border, giving deputies the authority and power to grant citizenship immediately without any resistance from judges. In the memo, he states that regulations could be passed to allow cases involving migrants with positive credible fear findings to remain in Immigrations custody until the full adjudication. They would not have to transfer them to an immigration judge to review. He states that the Asylum Officer Rule will be a significant shift in claim processing to ensure fair and rapid processing. He stated that it would produce appropriate outcomes and be in line with the workflow. To fully implement the rule, it would take more investment in training and resources.

According to polls, the opposition to migration in the United States is deep. It damages U.S. career opportunities, raises costs of living, and reduces U.S political influence. It also decreases productivity, increases wealth gaps, and destroys civic culture. The inflow of contract workers into the jobs sought by U.S. students has sparked strong opposition to immigration.

Recent polls also discredit Mayorkas’ claim that Americans must live as “nations of immigrants.” The latest polls show that 300 million Americans have subordinated themselves to the needs of migrants.