Hunter Biden’s Most Recent Art Show Was Shadier Than Ever


Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s son, has made headlines recently for his debut as a “professional artist,” which has concerned many industry observers and ethics experts over who purchases his $75,000+ canvasses. Hunter made his first debut at the Georges Berges Gallery in the SoHo district of Manhattan, but it is unclear how long the exhibition will last. His previous exhibition in Los Angeles reportedly sold five paintings for $75,000 each.

Over the weekend, he had his second show in SoHo, New York City, with owner Berges sharing how you’re “not going to see much of a crowd” at the secret exhibit. The second show was reportedly delayed until Spring but that turned out to be untrue. It was reported that some are in the market to spend up to $500,000 on Hunter’s work despite the challenges of the “legal vetting” of guests.

A team of attorneys has vetted guests through an entire process to get into the gallery. One of the three potential buyers, a man named “Sal” from New Jersey, said he was a Republican and thought Biden’s paintings were “very good.” He said he liked six of them but did not know if he would buy one of them, adding that they fetch anywhere from $75,000 to $600,000.

It was previously reported by the New York Post that the gallery hosting Biden received $500,000 in COVID-19 relief money. The first show, a soft launch of Biden’s Big Apple exhibition, denied admission to tons of would-be viewers, yet his second show in Los Angeles featured controversial guests, including Mayor Eric Garcetti.

Some critics also raised concerns over the second SoHo event, with one New York Post reporter unable to get information on it. The gallery owner Berges snapped at the reporter that he couldn’t just walk into the gallery, adding that it is a “private place.” “I don’t just walk into your house. I’m going to have to talk to your mother. She didn’t raise you right,” Berges snapped at the reporter.

The gallery windows were covered in paper that was meant to shield the event from onlookers.

While politicians have insisted on Attorney General Merrick Garland investigating Biden’s artwork, he said he wouldn’t comment on pending investigations. Rep. Ken Buck asked Garland if he would appoint a special prosecutor, in which he said he would take Buck’s request “under advisement.”

Even former President Barack Obama’s ethics czar Walter Shaub has expressed concern over the younger Biden’s art dealings, adding that Hunter should cancel the sales because he knows the prices are “based on his dad’s job.” He said it was a shame on President Biden for not asking Hunter to stop.

Shaub criticized the White House administration for refusing to properly address the issue, especially press secretary Jen Psaki. She said she has “spoken to the specifics” that the gallerist has agreed to and that she doesn’t have any other details to point reporters to. She then fired off that there are other issues at hand to talk about.

While the White House “struck a deal” to keep the identities of the buyers a secret, some have questioned who the secret would really be concealed from – Biden or the general public. Some of the people who were denied admission into the gallery said they wanted to see what the “big fuss” was about or if it was just about Hunter Biden.

Others note that they spotted an Instagram photo of the gallery owner Berges wearing a Camp David hat, with some asking if he was at Camp David last weekend with Hunter. It’s just another sign that there is no separation between the Biden’s and Hunter’s art deals.