Southwest Airlines Fires Back With Their Own Anti-Mandate Protests


Southwest Airlines employees have recently decided to gather and protest the company’s vaccine mandate. While many of them said they already have the COVID-19 vaccine, they are not anti-vax but anti-mandate. The protest was covered by the media platform Real America’s Voice, as they documented and interviewed the employees gathered at the South West headquarters in Dallas, TX.

The protest was organized by a Southwest employee and shared by Human Events senior editor Jack Posobiec. It was called the “Freedom, not Force” protest and called for all individuals, vaccinated or not, to join in exercising their first amendment right to a peaceful protest against the recent COVID-19 vaccinated mandate.

“All those who believe in medical freedom are welcome to gather outside Southwest Airlines Headquarters entrance at the intersection of Denton drive and Love Field drive,” the flier read.

The protest calls for people to bring flyers that read “Terminate the mandate,” “Freedom not force,” and “No jabs for jobs.” They add that more than anything they want to get back to the heart of “southwest hospitality,” where all employees feel welcomed, cared for, and appreciated.

Many Southwest employees have felt “fed up” over the mandate, with the Southwest Pilots Association even suing the airline over it. Fox News host Tucker Carlson said the height of employee frustration over the mandates comes down to the argument Joe Biden is trying to propose. He is forcing people to get shots for the sake of people who’ve already gotten shots. On top of that, the force is due to the fact that the shots don’t work well enough to protect the people who’ve already gotten them.

“That’s what Joe Biden and the entire American health establishment is telling them. So imagine making that argument to an airline pilot, someone whose entire job is based on logic. It is utterly bewildering to them because it doesn’t make sense. It’s just too unreasonable,” Carlson said.

Many Southwest pilots said that they admire the company they work for, but felt they had no choice but to do this. They said they felt nobody was standing up for them, not even the United States Congress or labor union, and that they have moved forward in legal ways. Southwest CEO Gary Kelly, however, claimed that the airline would not fire employees over the mandate, even though the airline announced that they must be “vaccinated against COVID-19 by November 24 or face termination.”

Southwest has refused to remove the mandate or back down from their stance, even after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott banned private companies from issuing vaccine mandates. Abbott said that the vaccine remains “voluntary” and should never be enforced.

There was a large group of protesters outside of the company’s headquarters as they continued to protest against the ridiculous measures of the vaccine mandate. One of them included charging the employees on the company health plan $200 a month if they fail to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Some who were protesting even yelled “Let’s Go, Brandon,” a reference to NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after his victory. The crowd was shouting “F*** Joe Biden” when NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast interpreted it as “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Southwest even canceled hundreds of flights last week and stranded travelers after blaming “cancellations on the weather” even though Denver meteorologist Chris Bianchi said there was no type of severe weather to cause massive flight delays. Some had triggered suspicious that it had to do with “internal revolt” against the vaccine mandates.

There is no indication for change within the company anytime soon but between the employee protests and botched flight plans, Southwest Airlines is getting almost too ‘woke’ for everyone. Biden is trying to destroy businesses with his vaccine mandates – and it’s working.