Trump Says He Would Consider DeSantis As His Running Mate For 2024


Former President Donald Trump recently revealed that he is thinking about running for president again in 2024, adding that he would certainly consider adding Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis to the ticket as his running mate. He said that DeSantis has been a friend of his and described him as a “great guy,” adding that he previously endorsed him and it took off like a rocket ship. He said DeSantis has done a great job as governor and that the polls show everyone wants them to run together.

Trump spoke to Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo about the possibility of running again in 2024, adding that the Biden Administration was going to give our country away to China and crush small businesses. He criticized Joe Biden’s Joint Address to Congress, adding that he made no mention of the border crisis. Border Patrol officials have apprehended more than 1.5 million illegal immigrants at the southern border through the 2021 fiscal year, which is more than the population of at least ten states.

Trump emphasized Biden’s halt of the border wall construction and that it could destroy our country if it keeps going. He said it’s going to get “much worse” as the weather gets warmer and states continue to struggle. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas has continued to defend the administration’s handling of the migrants, even though the numbers have continued to climb since October 2020.

Biden mentioned Wall Street in his Joint Address and how they will not be the ones to build America. He said the wealthy will pay their “fair share” but never detailed what that might entail. Trump warned that Biden’s tax plans would be the “largest tax increase in the history of our country” and that it will affect everyone in the middle class with 401k’s. He noted that the capital gains tax would also have a massive effect on the middle class and cause a lot of companies to leave the United States. This could result in a tremendous amount of job loss in the nation.

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“I got approved the largest tax decrease in the history of our country. When you talk capital gains you are talking about everybody, not just so-called wealthy people. They are going to drive all of these companies out,” Trump warned.

While many people are looking forward to a Trump-DeSantis ticket, it seems that the Florida governor might be growing more in popularity than the former president. At the Western Conservative Summit, Ron DeSantis was ranked above Donald Trump in a straw poll asking voters about their preferred candidate for the 2024 presidential race.

“The top five candidates, in order of most approval to least, were: Ron DeSantis (74%), Donald Trump (71%), Sen. Ted Cruz (43%), Mike Pompeo (39%), and Sen. Tim Scott (36%). Former Vice President Pence came in tenth place,” the poll report states.

Candidates also highlighted the most important issues to them. The highest-ranked policy issues were Immigration/Border Security, Election Integrity, Religious Freedom, Federal Budget/Deficit, and Gun Rights. 55% of the pollsters said they would vote for Donald Trump again.

Some critics say that Trump would never win again because there has been too much baggage and divide amongst Republicans over him. They said the GOP should appeal to a wider voter base with a candidate such as DeSantis. Others said Trump should go for it because he now knows what he’s up against and can handle the heat. Only time (and the polls) will tell what will be on the 2024 presidential ticket.