Disney World Pauses COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate


Walt Disney World informed news outlets recently that they had stopped their COVID-19 vaccination mandate. At this point, more than 90% of Florida-based cast members have verified that they are fully vaccinated. Disney spokesperson stated that they will address legal developments as needed.

A Disney memo states that the pause will remain in place while the company evaluates new state laws protecting workers from vaccine mandates. T One cast member stated he had heard that managers had leaked emails detailing their move to cast members two hours before they were received.

A cast member claimed he tried to reach out to Disney to negotiate with them.  Disney held an emergency meeting,  managers released emails claiming that they would cease mandates. 

Disney declared in July that all employees, both salaried and union, would be required to get vaccinated. They had until September. Disney announced in August that union workers would need to show proof of vaccination before October ends to be eligible for continued employment. However, they can ask for exemptions for religious or medical reasons.

Caturano, a cast member, stated that his COVID-19 infection was what made him stand. He added that they didn’t want to lose their jobs but were scared to get the shot. Caturano stated that everyone believed the vaccine wasn’t well-vetted and that it was too soon to be trusted.

This was after Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation during the special session putting new restrictions on COVID-19 orders from employers. 

In a press release, DeSantis said that he had promised Floridians that he would “protect their jobs” and that no one should lose work because of COVID mandates. DeSantis stated that they must take responsibility for the well-being of Florida citizens and that the Florida Legislature was a great partner in the fight for freedom.

Private employer COVID-19 vaccination requirements are now banned. Employers that violate employee protections face a fine of up to $50,000. Parents and students can also sue school districts for their legal costs.

DeSantis has signed a bill prohibiting the state’s health official from ordering vaccines during a public health emergency. This is especially important since the agency drafted White House vaccine requirements for private companies employing 100+ people.

The governor said that they want to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to earn a living and that parents are able to decide what their children learn. Dems have criticized the bills as politically motivated and detrimental to public health.

According to the governor’s office, Disney has changed its vaccination policy to comply with Florida law as they would expect. Many lives and jobs were saved by Gov. DeSantis’ leadership before the holiday season.

He stated that he hopes Disney and other companies will reconsider hiring employees they fired or terminated during the vaccine mandates. Caturano said that DeSantis was an advocate for us and that he believed in science.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, a CDC medical advisor, stated this week that there had been an increase in hospitalizations for those who were vaccinated but not boosted. He points out that most hospitalizations are still for unvaccinated patients.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, almost 196,000,000 Americans have been fully vaccinated and 33.5 million have received a booster.