Judge Blasts Media For Misinformation In Kyle Rittenhouse Trial


Kenosha County Judge Bruce Schroeder recently criticized the mainstream media for their poor coverage and commentary of the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial. He said that the experience would make it more difficult to televise his trials and singled out Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel for publishing the opinions of legal experts.

Schroeder complained that the media had “misinformation” about this trial as the jury deliberated and stated that he hadn’t yet read the motion submitted the day prior and had not heard the prosecution’s side.

He asked what it is like to be tried for a crime and presented by the judge and jury as the defendant and the complaining witness as the victim. He said it was hard to use the term “complaining witness” instead of prejudging the jury’s decision as to whether or not there was a victim and whether a crime was committed.

He defended his decision to let the defendant draw the numbers for alternate jurors by referring back to a case where a clerk randomly selected to remove the only juror of color from a trial in which the defendant was also of African descent. He said that the case made him change to a policy where the defendant could choose the numbers from the tumbler. He also supported the lawyers, saying that it was “shameful to see” what media commentators had to say about them.