Lying Media Forced To Issue Humiliating Kyle Rittenhouse Corrections


A few liars from the fake corporate media are beginning to correct some of their lies regarding Kyle Rittenhouse. Yes, we all make mistakes. But, let’s face it…

Here we are again with the Kyle Rittenhouse Story. The corporate media lies continue to be propagated by the corporate media pigs, who deliberately make mistakes in order to incite racial riots in Democrat-run cities. A few media outlets have been exposed for spreading such outrageous lies that they have been shamed into correcting the errors. However, the shameless refuse to correct any errors.

Fox News’ Fox News Story reveals how fake media ignored the basic facts of the story and used them to create a ridiculous story that Rittenhouse took a gun and crossed state boundaries to fight with Kenosha blacks.

Let’s start by asking what crossing state lines have to do with anything. Kenosha lies not far from Illinois’ border. The entire concept is absurd, even if it were. Rittenhouse also didn’t bring his AR-15 over state lines. The rifle was at his Kenosha home with a friend. He also has relatives in Kenosha. He did not run to some unknown city “armed for war,” as the Face the Nation liars claimed.

Who else could have done this? Joe Scarborough and Joy Behar are the usual liars. Ever notice how all the lies that have been told over the years only point in one direction …? These are deliberate lies meant to deceive anyone still believing the corporate media.

I used to be angry at this lying. It is now something I enjoy. The media’s power to influence public opinion is being diminished by lying. Every lie is a nail in fake media’s coffin. I pray that these scumbags will never stop lying.