White House Condemns Vigilantes As Kyle Rittenhouse Trial Wraps Up


The White House recently condemned the wrap-up of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial in Wisconsin as “vigilantes” with assault weapons. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said she can repeat the President’s view that vigilantes shouldn’t be patrolling our communities using assault weapons.

Psaki stated that she would not address the ongoing trial but said that Biden would not support individuals who defend their communities. Reporter Peter Doocy inquired about Biden’s claim on social media that Kyle Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist.” 

Wendy Rittenhouse, Rittenhouse’s mom, also criticized the president for defaming her son. She spoke out in a Fox News interview, saying that she was angry at the president for his actions towards her son. When asked by Doocy if Rittenhouse was considered a white supremacist, Psaki did not answer. She stated that the White House was aware that emotions were high as the trial ended, but Biden wanted the country united.

She stated that the president’s message is to bring people together and to reduce the heat of divisive rhetoric. Psaki states that the federal government had been in touch with local and state officials and have been available to provide law enforcement support, if necessary after the verdict was rendered.

She states that they are hopeful any demonstrations or protests will be peaceful.