Democrats Force Unvaccinated To Pay Out Of Pocket For Hospital Treatment If They Catch Coronavirus


Occupy Democrats is a radical left political group urging Americans to support policies that require unvaccinated people to “pay out of pockets” for any hospital treatment if they contract COVID-19. The progressive organization asked followers to tweet if they think their state should do the exact same.

It adds that if you are a Dem and support the Illinois bill to force unvaccinated people to pay their hospitalization costs out-of-pocket, then you should retweet their account and follow it to receive the latest news.

Jonathon Carroll, Illinois state rep, filed HB 4259 this week, which would require the unvaccinated to pay for medical expenses associated with the virus. Carroll posted a statement saying that he had decided not to pursue this legislation after receiving feedback from the public and having given it further thought.

Due to the unintended divisiveness of the bill, he said they needed to reflect on their responses and common-sense ways to end the pandemic. He said that violent threats against him, his family, and his staff are unacceptable, adding that he hopes they can have a more positive discussion about public health, particularly in relation to the pandemic.

They are not the only ones openly bragging about discriminating against unvaccinated. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the Key to NYC Pass vaccine passport program was being implemented. This requires businesses to discriminate against unvaccinated customers.

De Blasio bragged about the vaccine passport system and said that people can see vaccination as essential to living a full and happy life. He announced that the vaccine passport system would now be available to children aged 5-11 years old.

De Blasio said this is something that will keep children safe and their families safe. Parents are given an ultimatum and as they have received their first dose by December 14, they will be able to continue participating in indoor dining, entertainment. He said that the vaccine passport program he had developed should be replicated in other parts of America.

De Blasio states how it’s the only thing that works on a strategic level and across all levels of the organization. He said it is why New York City is back so many times, and it’s how they can avoid shutting down and implementing restrictions. He said that the program needs to be expanded and that it should be used in more places.