MSNBC Hires Kamala Harris’s Ex-Chief Spokeswoman Symone Sanders


Symone Sanders, ex-chief spokesperson and senior advisor to VP Kamala Harris, has been recently hired by MSNBC.
Sanders left the office of the vice president amid anonymous allegations of employee mistreatment, theft, and sloppy operations. She was hired as a host for a weekend show and on its streaming platform.

MSNBC announced Monday that Symone Sanders, a former press secretary, will be joining the network to host a weekend show and a program on NBC’s streaming service Peacock. Both shows will launch in the spring. Further details about the shows, including their names, premiere dates, and timeslots, will be revealed by the network in the coming months.

CNN hired Symone Sanders to be a political commentator after Sanders lost his primary election to Hillary Clinton.

She left CNN in 2019 and joined President Biden’s campaign to serve as a senior adviser. She was appointed chief spokesperson and senior advisor to Harris after Biden’s win.

Sanders left Harris’s Office while infighting reports oozed from Harris’s Office. Breitbart reported that in July, “Other staffers from the Biden administration said to Axios Harris’s Office is a ‘shitshow. Breitbart reported in July that “Other staffers in the Biden administration told Axios Harris’s office is a’shitshow.’

However, Sanders denied that Harris had any toxicity in July.

“There is no confusion among the aides. This is false. … There are critics, I hear. Sanders said that those who talk frequently don’t know, and those who do know are often not the ones speaking,” Sanders explained to Axios.