Republicans Slam Pelosi Over China Bill Proposal


Top Republicans in Congress are expressing concern about a bill in the lower chamber. It aims to reduce competition with China. Democrats were accused of not being serious about confronting [Chinese Communist Party]”.

Democratic leaders unveiled Tuesday’s bill, the America COMPETES Act of 2022 in the House. It aims to increase U.S. semiconductor production, improve supply chain management, and invest in technological and scientific advancements.

The White House and Democrats have championed a bipartisan bill as a response to the Senate’s passage of the $250 billion U.S. House Republicans claim that the Innovation and Competition Act (USICA) is a stockpile of partisan issues.

“We have been in discussions with House and Senate Committees of Jurisdiction for weeks, trying to compile a bipartisan bill which could pass Congress,” Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas), said to Fox News Digital.

“I urge Speaker Pelosi, and all House Democrats, to abandon their weak, partisan bill. Instead, work with Republicans to create comprehensive legislation that will counter CCP aggression. It can be passed by both Houses of Congress.”

McCaul warned that COMPETES Act could die upon its arrival in the Senate. This is despite it clearing the Democratic-led House. However, it must contain partisan-heavy legislation such as the EAGLE Act.

As first reported by Reuters, the House bill significantly reduced funding in the Senate USICA bill. It also dropped the $190 billion for research and technology. Instead, the bill includes $45 billion to support supply chains and domestic production of critical goods.

The 2,900-page House bill still includes $52 billion for funding the manufacture of U.S. semiconductors.

Despite the price drop, Ranking Member Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers from the Energy and Commerce Committee rejected the notion that additional funding would solve the U.S. supply chain problems.

Fox News Digital was informed by a McMorris Rodgers staffer that the bill would not address the supply chain crisis nor secure America’s competitive edge in China.

They added that China cannot be beaten with its expansive subsidies from the government.

McMorris Rodgers stated Wednesday that “Approaches such as the America COMPETES Act or USICA — both massive expansions in government subsidies — are not how to beat China.”

She said, “From what I have seen in Speaker Pelosi’s bill, it’s another attempt at outspend the CCP by duplicative and multibillion-dollar control programs that will decrease our global competitiveness, fail solve the supply chain crises, and make inflation worse.”