Even CNN and WaPo Bust The White House in This Bare Face Lie


How deep are White House lies? Every day, Joe Biden lies.

Perhaps the most shocking lies he and his team tell are those that lie right in front of our faces. Jen Psaki, White House Press Secretary, claimed that Kamala Harris socially distanced herself from people at Ketanji Jackson’s ceremony (despite photos showing Harris hugging Harris), that there was no internal ceremonial (despite photographs showing Harris doing so), and that Harris wore an invisible mask inside the White House despite White House videos proving otherwise. Because they are not held responsible for telling such lies, they didn’t care.

The lies of Ketanji Jackson were terrible. They defied what we could see in front of us. The White House’s vaccine lie may be more outrageous than those made up for audacity.

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The account tweeted that “When President Biden assumed office, millions of people were unemployed and there wasn’t a vaccine available.” “In the past 15 months, 8.3M jobs have been created and the unemployment rate is at 3.6%. This is the fastest ever decline in unemployment during a Presidential term.”

Since it’s people who returned to work after the pandemic lockdowns lifted, not because Biden did anything, the second part is no accomplishment. The first part, “There was no vaccine available”, is the most absurd.

Because of President Donald Trump’s unique effort, he formed a private-public partnership and got them vaccines in record time. They were available by December 2020.

They were vaccinating 20 million people per day, an average of over 1 million per day, by Joe Biden’s arrival. It was amazing to accomplish this feat in just over a month. I had never seen anything similar on such an enormous scale before.

Biden got his first shot in December, and his second shot just before he arrived.

It’s possible that Joe doesn’t remember, but it’s Joe. The White House even tweeted about it. Their tweet is the proof.

This is a shameful attempt to rewrite history. These are the men who are upset by “disinformation” but who created a “Disinformation Governance board” even though they are the largest disinformation distributors. This isn’t their first attempt at this.

They’re not the only ones to tell such lies. This lie was even repeated by Biden on CNN to Anderson Cooper in Feb 2021.

This lie was so terrible that it caught the attention of Glenn Kessler, a Washington Post fact-checker, and Daniel Dale, CNN’s news anchor — who usually take a while to call out Democrats. They couldn’t take this one.

The White House is not ashamed at all.