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It’s Time for Trump to Pass the Torch

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Trump sprinted onto the political stage in 2015 seemingly from nowhere, rode down the escalator in typical Trump fashion, and then went on in the general, to upset the arguably most cringest D.C. swamp animal of all time, which is no slight distinction — it was a historic political upset in David vs. Goliath dimensions. It was all gold.

Feminists wept. The anchors of cable news melted down. New York Democrat Party apparachiks remained silent. It was a memorable moment in American political history. Sometimes I feel nostalgic and watch delicious YouTube videos from that fateful evening.

As day turned to night and the lingering effects of last night’s violence were revealed in the morning light, I was able to reflect on what had happened. I knew instinctively that American politics would never be the same. The orange man had ushered in a new era.

However, despite all the catharsis, Trump was not a hero to me then and isn’t.

To my eyes, he was pure ego with an unmatched marketing flair. It was impossible to ignore him and it was confusing to his opponents. Normal politicians, despite being largely psychopathic and demented inside, are trained to express human emotions as part of their job duties. They are taught to humiliate their opponents and defend themselves against similar shameful behavior. Trump received no such training because he was never the same breed as the professional-managerial class of the Gavin Newsom or Lindsey Graham variety.

Trump was the master of spades when his opponents played the shame game against him, such as when Hillary brought up the accuser of his rape. He didn’t defend himself once. Instead, he invited Bill and his accusers to take part in their debate.

It was pure dominance. He resented social conventions like a bull in china shop.

He’s not a hero. His stubbornness and inflated ego make him a double-edged blade. He doesn’t save anyone or anything except himself and has no loyalty. There is no ideal. Only materialism and egotism are acceptable. His father probably made him this way as an adult child. He has severe untreated trauma. According to insiders, Donald’s brother was bullied by his father and didn’t have the same scaly exterior as Donald. He then committed suicide with alcohol. Donald was more resilient and adapted to his circumstances. That’s at least my opinion from psychology.

Tombstone is one of the best character-heavy films ever made. Wyatt Earp questions Doc Holliday at his final resting place about what makes Ringo, Earp’s villain, so different from him.

Ringo is a man with a huge hole in his middle. Holliday replies that he can’t kill enough, steal enough, inflict enough pain, or take enough to fill it.

Ringo tried to fill this hole with murder, but it wasn’t enough. Trump tried to fill that hole with attention and social climb for greater status, but it wasn’t enough.

It can be called liberal propaganda or whatever. I call it a plausible and repeatedly-documented pattern of behavior to satisfy psychological shortcomings. That’s how I interpret psychological information. With the evidence available, you can draw any conclusion you like.

Donald Trump is a man with low moral character. This can be seen in many ways. Trump is reportedly stiffening legacy Americans on construction contracts, even though he doesn’t pretend to be an outsider and stand up for the political machine. Over the years, at least 60 plaintiffs filed lawsuits to this effect. Although 60 lawsuits may be a liberal conspiracy theory, it is more likely that he doesn’t pay honest workers what he owes.

Many reports indicate that he cheats on golf to maintain his fragile self-worth. It doesn’t matter that he cheats on golf; it just speaks to his desperate need for validation.

Trump doesn’t take constructive criticism well.

Because he lacks the personality to lead, the man is legally incapable of leading. Because the whole enterprise was an exercise of ego-appeasement, there was no consistent vision or strategy for the execution and execution of his presidency. His time in the executive branch, despite his campaign rhetoric, was not about creating a grassroots movement with teeth. Trump is not interested in learning about the U.S. government’s actual functioning, which is a complex phenomenon that requires serious commitment.

Tucker Carlson and other prominent thinkers from the right have often alluded to Trump’s leadership deficiencies but rarely explicitly state it, probably because they fear backlash. “I don’t believe he’s capable. He’s not capable of maintaining focus. “I don’t believe he understands it,” Carlson said once in rare public criticism of Trump.

Trump is a shallow and more stylized person. He can be funny at times with his bombast but he has a lack of sense of taste that betrays the privileged upbringing he had in Manhattan. Trump eats his steak with ketchup. I don’t trust him. It hurts me. That’s my view of his soul. “Anyone who is so indifferent to food, it’s problematic for me,” said Anthony Bourdain. Poetry is not something that lives in the soul. Man must be aware of his limitations.

Trump’s fragile ego makes it impossible for him to take responsibility for his failures, while simultaneously taking credit for every win in politics, even if they weren’t his fault.

Trump states that if they win, they should take all the credit. If they lose, they shouldn’t be blamed. After the hyped midterm red wave fizzled, Trump threw his wife under the bus. He blamed her for poor advice and endorsed Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania as the loser. Dr. Oz couldn’t defeat a stroke victim who could literally not talk.

Is this the kind of man who would do such a thing?! It’s not an isolated incident. This is the exact type of blame-shifting behavior Trump has been engaging in over the past few years. Trump’s fragile ego is unable to accept blame for even the slightest failure.

These and many other reasons are why I cannot honestly call Trump a leader, or a hero.

My leaders, and heroes, are more authentic, brave, and sincere than those cut from a less prestigious, sanitized cloth. Few politicians are cut from the same cloth — Thomas Jefferson, Marcus Aurelius, and Thomas Paine. Trump is not.

To date, I have only spoken about Trump’s personality, not his policies during his term. To do good work, a president does not need to be a moral guru. I am not a moralist about Trump’s personal conduct.

Trump’s most significant criticism, and it is undisputed, is his failure to fulfill his pledge to #draintheswamp. This won him the election, riding on the wave of populist anger.

In terms of how Washington functioned in his four years as president, there was not much change. He governed largely in the same manner as any RINO would govern. He was not the only one responsible for his incompetence as an executive. His impotence was exacerbated by his association with the worst type of vermin, Jared Kushner and John Bolton, against the advice of more militant members of his inner circle, like Steve Bannon. To put it simply, the neocons won in the White House’s internal power struggle. Trump lacked either the will or the passion to stop it.

Trump’s refusal to acknowledge that he was manipulated into running Operation Warp Speed is the final nail in his coffin. Worst of all, Trump was blind to the dangers inherent in rushing unproven gene therapies for mRNA to the market, which we now know didn’t work as promised.

“You know what?” Your freedoms are my absolute belief. You can do what you want, but I suggest that you get the vaccines. It was easy for me.

Donald Trump

It was August 2021.

This level of negligence, if not outright malice, is unacceptable. Trump’s actions here are a sign of poor judgment and/or indifference toward human suffering.

I understand that some of the rights will not abandon Trump due to loyalty, stubbornness, or ownership of the libs. That is okay.

This is, I swear, the last Trump-related treatise that I will ever write. He’ll hopefully fade into mythology and give the future to something other than the 2016-era Trumpism. His 2024 bid seems to be a low-energy reboot from the one from 2016.

He draws from the same source, but it is dry. He’s losing the magic, as anyone who saw his Mar-a-Lago announcement speech will see.

While time will tell, I don’t believe Trump will ever regain the power he enjoyed in the mid to late-2010s. If things don’t go his direction in the upcoming primaries, Trump could certainly hobble the GOP to spite himself, if he so chose.

Where does Trump’s train go next? Instead of moving forward with any real vision, he spent the past two years complaining about losing the election. He was expelled from the White House, which harmed his fragile ego. It’s likely that he will spend the next two years doing the same thing.

It seems that there will not be a peaceful transfer of power within the GOP. Trump would rather destroy the populist movement which he helped to create than pass on the torch.

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